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Steel Panther singer reveals if he would let his daughter date a rockstar

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Steel Panther singer reveals if he would let his daughter date a rockstar

Michael Starr, Steel Panther vocalist talked with Ornella Carlone and answered if he would allow his daughter to date a rockstar.


Read what he said:

“I do have kids. Fortunately for me, I think I know them all. Unless somebody has kept something from me and not told me, I know them all.

“I hope that they date what they want to date – if they want to date a rocker or a sailor or a punk rocker… But no rap dudes. No hip-hop. That’s totally out of the question. If that happens – I have to stop sending your mom money.

Steel Panther 2017

“But really, I don’t care – as long as they’re happy. My dad told me when I was trying to do music: ‘If you want to do music that’s great. Get a fucking job.’ So if you want to date some dude that’s not in the band and is an engineer – get a job. Or have him support you. It’s very fair. Because if you can take care of yourself no one can tell you what to do. Right mom?

“It’s true. If I’m playing you then I get to tell you what to do. Like Satchel tells me what to do. Well, he hasn’t paid me in a long time but I have a lot of money coming to me pretty soon. And he was mad that I was wearing my casual clothes for the interview but I told him, ‘Look dude, I’m sorry.’ And he was okay.”

And about drugs, he said:

“I don’t smoke weed, actually. And I don’t condone the use of drugs. So if you want to use drugs, use caution. Don’t do much cocaine and then take some sort of sedative. You could kill yourself.

Steel Panther

“If you do a lot of cocaine, wait a while, and then take Xanax. Be careful with that shit. And don’t pay for it. Have a stripper buy it for you.”

Asked about ‘how would you change your performance in the world without pussy and tits,’ Michael said:

“I think it would be geared more penis to penis. I think really when it’s all said and done it’s not just about having sex with chicks and getting high. It’s about enjoying the music so you can have sex with chicks and get high.”

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