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Slash releases soundtrack made for a horror park

Universal Monsters and Slash

Classic Rock

Slash releases soundtrack made for a horror park

Slash released his soundtrack for the “Halloween Horror Nights” event at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. The track was titled “Universal Monsters Maze Soundtrack” and can be checked in the following player via Spotify:


The theme-themed Halloween attraction will be available for visits to Universal Studios Park from Oct. 19-21, Oct. 25-28, and Nov. 1-3. The event pays tribute to characters from the Universal Classic Monsters movie universe, which features names like Dracula, Opera Ghost, Werewolf and Mummy, among others.

Read what he said about it:

“Similar to the way music affects a movie, I wanted to compose a soundtrack to the legion of infamous characters featured in the maze to elicit a greater sense of terror.”

See below for the cover and tracklist for “Universal Monsters Maze Soundtrack”:

Universal Monsters by Slash

  1. We Belong Dead (inspired by Frankenstein Monster’s immortal line from theexplosive finale of The Bride of Frankenstein)
  2. The Danse of the Dead (inspired by “Danse Macabre,” the late medieval art movement that celebrated “the universality of death” and influenced the famous masquerade ball scene from The Phantom of the Opera)
  3. The Final Scare (this guitar-driven, up-tempo track combines punk with modern electronic where multiple monsters attack in the maze)
  4. Universal Monsters Rising (Slash’s signature lead guitar joins with the mournful sound of a tolling church and the sharp, staccato stabs of violins to call guests to the graveyard, where Universal Monsters rise again)
  5. The Collection Room/Dracula’s Lair (composed to accompany The Mummy and Dracula sections of the maze, this track transitions between Middle Eastern and Eastern European instrumentation to bring to life these two Classic Monsters)
  6. Monsters, Maniacs and Madmen (Universal Monsters Maze Medley) (this compilation takes a single haunting melody and transforms it)
  7. Sweet Licks (music from “Clowns 3D”) (SLash composed this track with a creepy carnival vibe for 2014’s “Clowns 3D” maze)

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