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Slash praises Metallica, Gojira, AC/DC, Megadeth and more


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Slash praises Metallica, Gojira, AC/DC, Megadeth and more

The Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash is currently promoting his new covers album “Orgy of The Damned”, which only has versions of famous Blues songs. In an interview with Ola Englund, the musician was asked about which bands he had been listening to lately and he praised groups like Metallica, AC/DC, Gojira and Megadeth. Slash’s new album had many special guests on vocals like Christ Robinson, Billy Gibbons, Iggy Pop, Paul Rodgers and Brian Johnson.


Slash praises Metallica, Gojira, AC/DC, Megadeth and more

(Transcribed by Blabbermouth) I obviously have been listening to a lot of blues as of lately, but mostly old blues. But there’s a lot of great new stuff that’s out there. I mean, Derek Trucks isn’t new anymore, but still really brilliant. There’s a guy I always mention, ’cause he’s really good, named Chris Buck who I’m friends with. He puts stuff on Instagram, and it’s really awesome. There’s a lot of players all around. A lot of ’em, I don’t even know their names, but they’re fucking mindblowing. Social media has opened up a whole new world of players out there.”

“But as far as bands are concerned, mostly the stuff that I’ve been listening to are older bands with new records. AC/DC had a new record. That was really good. Queens of The Stone Age’s got a new record. I love Gojira; it’s great. The new Metallica is fucking amazing. So there’s a lot of new stuff in that vein. And then as far as new bands are concerned, I think Dirty Honey was pretty cool.”

“I think that was a really good new rock band that sort of has that old school style that’s actually pretty genuine. I’m trying to think if there’s anything else that I’m forgetting that’s come across my thing. Not new ones, no.”

Then he was asked if there any other Metal bands he liked to listen to and he replied, saying: “Yeah, well, Gojira’s one, Metallica’s one. The last Megadeth record was cool. I think that’s about it for me at the moment,” Slash said.

The records mentioned by Slash in the interview are:

  • Metallica “72 Seasons” (2023)
  • AC/DC “Power Up” (2020)
  • Queens of the Stone Age “In Times New Roman…” (2023)
  • Megadeth “The Sick, the Dying… and the Dead!” (2022)

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