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Singer and guitarist Mark Farner talks about his near death experience

Mark Farner

Classic Rock

Singer and guitarist Mark Farner talks about his near death experience

Legendary ex-Grand Funk Railroad guitarist and singer Mark Farner talked in an interview with Radio Forrest about his near death experience. The musician reflected about all the emotions he felt.


Singer and guitarist Mark Farner talks about his near death experience:

“Oh, yes, and I’ll tell you, the first thing you notice as you exit the bone suit is the relief of death-consciousness. I didn’t realize until the re-entry back into my bone suit just what it was. It’s compiled, it’s accumulative over our lifetime, more death consciousness, but the lord said, ‘Oh, no, man. Anything, except love,’ and if we can get ourselves in that position, and we’re the only ones that can.”

“It’s us who set ourselves free from the BS that people try to get us hooked up and believe in. We become death-conscious and burdened down and weighted with this yoke that we can’t even bear because it’s part of that imagination.”

“It’s imaginary that death, you know, you can’t go to the drugstore and buy a box of it or have a truck dump a load in your front yard. So you can wait around and you can kind of get familiar, it’s all imaginary.”

“So, with your imagination, in your mind, you can set yourself free from it all and never be indebted to another person, another thing or owe anybody anything, you don’t. Child of God, you are free.”

A lot of people with near-death experiences talk about not wanting to come back, the amount of love and freedom they felt; did you experience that?

“Brother, I cannot tell you the swear words that came to my mind. [Laughs] I’m going, ‘You got to be kidding me!’, kicking and screaming. Even though now that I’m back here, it’s a faint memory. But for a long time dude, it was so prevalent, and we’re only just a hair’s breadth away from there. It’s part of who we are right now. But our mind has got us believing in all this video crap that’s been projected into it.”

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