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Sepultura’s Derrick Green reveals his 10 favorite metal singers

Derrick Green

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Sepultura’s Derrick Green reveals his 10 favorite metal singers

Sepultura’s singer Derrick Green revealed in an interview with Louder Sound his 10 favorite metal singer of all time. Green is the vocalist of the Brazilian band since 1998.


Sepultura’s Derrick Green 10 favorite metal singers of all time:

“Here is my list of my favorite heavy music vocalists. I based these favorites on live performances, as well as studio work. They are in no particular order, I admire all of their work very deeply. They all have been a tremendous influence in my life. Also, their lyrical content, and the ability to create a unique persona with their voices, has always made me gravitate towards these artists.

“The believability factor has always been strong with all of these singers. I always felt that this is an extremely important element for a vocalist.”

Mike Patton (Faith No More)

H.R (Bad Brains)

John Joseph (Cro-Mags)

Tom Araya (Slayer)

Chris Cornell (Soundgarden)

Rob Halford (Judas Priest)

Mikael Åkerfeldt  (Opeth)

James Hetfield (Metallica)

Ann Wilson (Heart)

Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin)

Derrick Green

Derrick Leon Green was born in January 20, 1971, Cleveland, Ohio. He is an American musician, current singer of the Brazilian band Sepultura. Since 1998 he is the band. He was the responsible to replace Max Cavalera. Since then, Derrick has recorded nine studio albums with a band, the most recent being Quadra, released in 2020.

The singer joined the band through a videotape sent in 1997. He was approached in 1997 by A&R rep Mike Gitter from Roadrunner Records. That told him that Sepultura frontman Max Cavalera had left the band in 1996 and they were searching for a new vocalist. So, he suggested Green try out for the position. However, Sepultura had recorded one song with no vocals to see what people all around the world could come up with. After that, Green got a hold of the tape from Gitter and he recorded his idea for the song “Choke” and sent it to Brazil.

A month later he received a phone call from Sepultura’s drummer, Iggor Cavalera. He was then asked to fly down to São Paulo, Brazil to meet everyone and audition for the position. Green flew out a week later and met everyone and auditioned for two weeks. After that, Green was asked to come back to Brazil to start recording his first album, Against, with Sepultura.

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