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See James Hetfield net worth, lifestyle, family, house and cars

See James Hetfield net worth, lifestyle, family, house and cars


See James Hetfield net worth, lifestyle, family, house and cars

In a video made by the channel Lifestyle Express James Hetfield’s life is shown in details. You will find out more about his net worth, lifestyle, family, biography, house and cars.
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James Alan Hetfield was born on Downey, in August 3 of 1963. He is an American vocalist and guitarist, co-founder (along with Lars Ulrich) and the lead composer of Metallica. In 2004, James was considered the second best heavy metal guitarist of all time by Guitar World Magazine and in 2010 considered by MusicRadar the 12th best singer of all time. According to the popular website CelebrityNetWorth, James Hetfield has an estimated net worth of 300 million dollars. He is a member of the National Rifles Association.


He was raised in a traditional American family, strict followers of Christian Science, whose values ​​began to question him during adolescence, which created several conflicts with his father, Virgil Hetfield, who was a truck driver.

James would return to faith only in the mid-1990s. His mother, Cynthia, had been a lyrical singer as a young man, and helped James in his first steps in music when he was a child. Virgil left home when James was thirteen (1977) and never came back. James returned to contact his father only after the release of the Black Album, but said in an interview that he found his father’s behavior inappropriate, as he only sought to sign certain ‘papers’.

James Hetfield

Cynthia died of cancer when she refused treatment because she believed that healing would come through faith in God, not medicine, as the religious doctrine that followed preached. The episode profoundly affected James who, years later, would come to express the sentiment in songs like “The God That Failed” and “Until It Sleeps”.

He is married to Argentinean Francesca Hetfield with whom he has three children, Cali Hetfield (born October 18, 1998), Castor Hetfield (born 18 May 2000) and Marcella Hetfield (born April 17, 2002).

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