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See 5 amazing Dolores O’Riordan performances with the Cranberries

See 5 amazing Dolores O'Riordan performances with the Cranberries

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See 5 amazing Dolores O’Riordan performances with the Cranberries

Dolores O’Riordan was born in Ballybricken, Ireland, in 1971, the youngest of seven children. The singer suffered from bipolar disorder.


Dolores O’Riordan became famous for hits like Zombie, Linger, Dreams, Ode To My Family and Salvation. She joined the Cranberries in 1990. The group, which was also formed by guitarist Noel Hogan, bassist Mike Hogan and drummer Fegal Lawler, was formed in the city of Limerick, Ireland. Their debut album was the most played in the UK in the early 90’s.

The group sold more than 40 million copies of its six albums. The debut was in 1993, with Everybody Else is Doing It, So Why Can not We? “The singer also recorded two solo albums: Are You Listening? And No Baggage.

And to honor her career, let’s see a list with the best live performances of the band.

Check it out:

“Zombie” on David Letterman’s show (1994)

The track was first released in 1994 as a single. The song was written by Dolores O’Riordan and is a lament to the conflicts involving the Protestant issue in Northern Ireland. The riff of the song is quite heavy compared to other singles in the band. It ranks first in the charts in some countries such as Australia, Belgium, Denmark and Germany.

The song takes the unassailable position that killing young children is tragic, but in venturing into the political issues, it created a great deal of controversy. This didn’t surprise O’Riordan. “I knew that would be the angle of the song, because it was controversial,” she told us. “But, I suppose I was kind of taken aback with the success of the song. I didn’t know it was going to be that successful.”

“Linger” in Paris (1999)

The song, which has a characteristic acoustic arrangement, became the band’s first major success, reaching eighth in the charts of the United States of America and the fourteenth place in the charts of England. In Brazil, was the fourth song most played in the radios in 1994.

In the documentary ’99 Love Life & Rock ‘n’ Roll, Dolores O’Riordan said the song is about her first kiss.

“Ode To My Family” in Germany (1995)

The song was released in November 1994 as the second single from their second studio album No Need to Argue. The song was a hit in most of the European countries where it was released, peaking at number four in France, its highest position internationally, and number five in Australia. This ballad was less successful than the previous Cranberries single, “Zombie”. In 2017, the song was released as an acoustic, stripped down version on the band’s Something Else album.

“Dreams” in Woodstock Festival (1994)

On NPR’s Tiny Desk (2012)

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