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Roddy Bottum says Faith No More is working on new songs

Faith No More

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Roddy Bottum says Faith No More is working on new songs

Roddy Bottum said he has made new songs with colleagues in Faith No More. Meetings with Mike Bordin and Billy Gould take place three years after the release of the album Sol Invictus.


In a new interview with Chandler Sorrels, Bottum was asked if he had anything he could share about the status of Faith No More.

“The last album was a real fight to be done, “admitted the keyboardist.”We feel great and it was a great exercise to take our creative process to the next level. It was something we needed to do on Sol Invictus.”

faith no more

“We spent a lot of time getting together and getting to know each other again and playing old songs. Then came the point where it seemed dirty just doing what we were doing. Just playing these shows with old songs. So we took the next step and it was great. It was a very difficult process to finish this record. But I think everyone has come out with really positive and optimistic perspectives.”

He continued: “I periodically go to San Francisco to make music with these guys. What we do is really special, unique. We share that. Specially me, Mike Bordin and Billy … We were really young – 18 or 19 – when we started making music. So when we are together, we have a language that speaks really loud and clear. We are a family. No one wants to turn their back on it. So, hoping to get things moving forward and make new music, we continue to do so. We gather and create new sounds. We talk about the songs and where we are going in the future.”

Roddy was asked if that means he and his colleagues have improvised and played with ideas of songs but don’t know what came out of it. “Yes, that’s fair to say. Yes. Absolutely, “he replied.

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