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Robert Plant donates thousands to the fight against Covid-19

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Robert Plant donates thousands to the fight against Covid-19

Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant donated donated several thousand pounds to help MG Sportswear keep supporting the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) during the coronavirus pandemic. The information was shared by Express & Star.


Based in Kidderminster, MG Sportswear is making scrubs for workers on the frontline of the coronavirus crisis. The company that usually manufactures uniforms for schools, sports teams and airlines, was forced to halt production and furlough staff due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Business manager Kim Calder talked about Robert Plant donation:

“We have just received a generous donation from Robert Plant. That ensures we can continue to get fabric but with some of our workers needing to self-isolate. And just to be able to get the garments out quickly we could do with local stitchers services, if possible. Other people making scrubs locally seem to be struggling with getting the patterns and cutting the garments. But that is something we are able to do on mass. However, stitching the garments or even a section of the garment would be a massive help.”

Plant also talked about the donation:

“We’re all in our own vacuums within our own homes feeling relatively safe. So I’m pleased to be able to support the work that these good people are doing for our frontline nurses, doctors, carers etc. In providing much-needed scrubs and masks. It would be great for them to get more support and funds ensuring they can carry on making what is needed.”

The company wants to produce between 300 and 500 sets of scrubs each week. And has already received more than £7,500 in donations through its GoFundMe page.

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