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Rob Halford talks about Metal nowdays which new bands he likes

Rob Halford

Classic Rock

Rob Halford talks about Metal nowdays which new bands he likes

Metal Hammer asked Rob Halford what he thinks of Metal today, and Judas Priest’s legendary frontman talked a bit about his opinion and mentioned some bands he likes.


Read what he said:

“I think Metal is in great shape! We’ve seen the genre bloom with basically two bands – us and Black Sabbath – and it’s great that wherever you go in the world there are bands of all different sizes. I’m listening to Power Trip, I really like what they’re doing, and they keep reference to the roots of Metal in their work. ”

Hear a power trip song below:

“I love the Electric Wizard from the UK. They make a very different sound, and I also really like it all.”

Hear Electric Wizard below:

“I’m a more connected guy in Classic Metal, but I like what bands like In this Moment do, with whom I’ve worked recently (in a song called” Black Wedding “).


Hear Black Wedding below:

Rob was also asked if he would like to change anything on the Metal scene nowdays.
Read what he said:
“I’d like to see a really great UK metal band come forward and start growing and dominating now. Britain is still the focus of such great music in the metal scene, and that’s a really great feeling.”There’s a great opportunity now with all the various platforms that young metal bands can draw from to really experience it all, and if you like Priest, you’re bound to find something relatable from our realm.

“And that’s the great metal knock-on effect; I even see these young kids who are only just getting into Priest from listening to the bands we influenced. They have all this choice and they still go for Priest! It just goes to show, our music has no barriers.”

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