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Rob Halford says Judas Priest looked like Greta Van Fleet in the beginning

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Rob Halford says Judas Priest looked like Greta Van Fleet in the beginning

Judas Priest‘s vocalist Rob Halford said that the band looked like Greta Van Fleet in the beginning. The singer talked about the similar look both bands had in an interview with Rolling Stone.


Rob Halford said about the the similar look that Judas Priest and Greta Van Fleet have in the beggining of their careers:

“A good look has been important since rock ‘n’ roll began. I think the way that Priest had that journey of visual discovery was just by experimentation more than anything else. If you look at primitive footage of Priest on The Old Grey Whistle Test on the BBC [from 1975] when we looked a little bit like Greta Van Fleet. [Laughs] It’s remarkable. I think we developed our look in simple steps.

“You’d look at yourself and go, ‘No, this doesn’t feel right. The music is so strong, angry, and dark in places, and it’s deep and full of power … and I’m wearing a paisley shirt. I need to do something about this.’ [Laughs] So just putting out a simple leather biker’s jacket was, for my part, just a major, major step. Suddenly you look at yourself in the mirror and go, ‘That’s more like it. Now it’s connecting.’ From that point on, it began to develop.”

“Of course, me being the gay metalhead fashionista, I couldn’t wait to really extrapolate on that and take it to all those glorious places with the help of my main guy, [clothing designer] Ray Brown, who’s been with Priest forever making these incredible works of art.”

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