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Rob Halford says that Glenn Tipton can still play guitar

Rob Halford and Glenn Tipton

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Rob Halford says that Glenn Tipton can still play guitar

Rob Halford talked about the sad news regarding Glenn Tipton’s health. The guitarist was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and announced that he will not tour with Judas Priest anymore, because he is not able to play all the songs anymore.


Read what Halford said to The Quietus:

“Glenn has been battling hardcore with Parkinson’s for 10 years and he’s not let it stop him in any way whatsoever – you know, writing, recording, touring the world for the last 10 years.

Rob Halford and Glenn Tipton

“He can still play guitar – we have to emphasize this as well – he can still play the guitar, but when it comes to some of the more challenging songs that Priest has written over the years and songs that, for the most part, have to be included in the set, that’s when it’s just becoming a little bit difficult for him.

“So the biggest thing for Glenn – this is why he’s really a hero for us – was to come to the conclusion that Andy Sneap would be flying the flag for him. We know Andy, and Andy has been so gracious to accept the request from Glenn, to be on stage for him for the ‘Firepower’ tour.”

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Although the guitarist will not travel with the band on this tour, he didn’t left the possibility of him joining the band in some concerts.

Read what he said:

“The great positive side of this for us and for Glenn particularly is that he’s not let this challenge change his life that much. Glenn is still Glenn – Glenn can still play the guitar. Same guy – a wonderful, great heavy metal guitar player.

“His role is a little bit different now. And I can’t wait for those moments when he’s gonna show up unexpectedly anywhere around the world on the ‘Firepower’ tour and come and jam out ‘Living After Midnight,’ ‘Breaking the Law,’ those kinds of songs. It’s gonna be a really special moment.

Glenn Tipton

“It could be the first show, it could be the last show – we don’t know. But the joy is that Glenn is still playing and he’s still with us, and he’s as excited as we are to celebrate the release of ‘Firepower.'”

“We’re still kind of digesting all of this. Glenn made the decision about not being able to full commit to the tour only last Thursday [February 8]. So we’re still very much processing all of the possibilities.

glenn tipton guitar

“The other thing is, much like some of the other areas in these kinds of challenges, daily, there are incredible advances in medicines, in drugs and such things that can help to alleviate the condition.

“So that’s all part of the ongoing story for Glenn. Who knows? Next year or the year after that, things could be dramatically different. But in the meantime, yeah, Glenn can show up, as we’ve said in the statement, anytime anywhere.

“He’ll be with us in spirit – every show, every song. I’ve been [checking my phone] every hour or so, and it’s just been beautiful – it’s been absolutely beautiful. Thank you, everybody that’s been sending these wonderful messages for Glenn. I know he’ll be reading them and I’m sure he’ll be so uplifted by the love that’s coming to him.

“This is the other side of anyone that’s dealing with Parkinson’s, cancer, anything of that nature. There’s always this beautiful thing of hope and optimism and positivity that’s pushing ahead of everything else.

Rob Halford and Glenn Tipton

“And so if you do go on to the Facebook of Priest or our Instagram and leave a message like that, it’s not only great for Glenn, but it’s also great for other people that are dealing with the same kind of issues.”

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