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Rob Halford reveals his opinion on the current state of Heavy Metal

Rob Halford Heavy Metal

Classic Rock

Rob Halford reveals his opinion on the current state of Heavy Metal

In an interview with May The Rock Be With You, The Metal God, Rob Halford gave his opinion on the current state of Heavy Metal and more.


As a metal god, what are your thoughts on where metal is at the moment?

“You know, it’s fantastic, I mean, Gene [Simmons] recently said, ‘Rock is dead.’ You see, I think music is all about inspiration and it’s all about positive messages and building dreams – an adventure.

“So, ‘Rock is dead’ – what is it about? That’s just a horrible thing to say. I understand a part of the reasoning behind that statement, but I think that metal is in the right place.

“It’s different from where it was when we started. It’s thriving, there are so many great metal bands in today’s world in all parts of the world.

“It’s worldwide, it’s global, and this internet thing called the Instagram – when I look at the comments, I don’t switch the comments off, I love to see what people have on their minds.

“You’ll get people from everywhere, it’s wonderful, you can really see the global reach. So for me, metal is strong, it’s powerful, and it’s gonna live forever.”

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In 2019, Judas Priest will…

“Keep touring until the end of 2019 into the official anniversary of 2020. That sounds kind of like a science fiction movie because ‘2020.’

“I was born in 1951. When I was little kid, I dreamed about the year of 2000, flying cars, but there’s been some wonderful things that have happened since I was a little kid, and 2020 to me is just magical.”

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