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Ringo Starr says what is like to be one of the most famous persons ever

Ringo Starr
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Ringo Starr says what is like to be one of the most famous persons ever

The legendary Beatles drummer Ringo Starr was asked in an interview with BBC Radio (Transcribed by UG) what is like to be one of the most famous people on earth and explained how it feels. In the same answer he also recalled how Paul McCartney is a workaholic and kept the band going.


Ringo Starr said about what is like to be one of the most famous persons ever:

“Great. You have to look back, it’s how it is. I was in a couple of good bands and then I ended up with the greatest band in the world. Who knew it would get this crazy as it did? When the four of us played, it was just the best space on the planet to be in. Besides being famous, I was in all of those spaces, with the joy of playing with John, George, and Paul.

“I have great memories of that, and the emotion of all of that. The other side of that story was that we worked really hard. The other side of that is – I was telling someone the other day – if Paul hadn’t been in the band, we’d probably have made two albums because we were lazy boogers.

“But Paul’s a workaholic. John and I would be sitting in the garden taking in the color green from the tree, and the phone would ring, and we would know, ‘Hey lads, you want to come in? Let’s go in the studio!’

“So I’ve told Paul this, he knows this story, we made three times more music than we ever would without him because he’s the workaholic and he loves to get going. Once we got there, we loved it, of course, but, ‘Oh no, not again!'”

New Ringo EP “Change The World”

Ringo Starr released on September 24 “Change The World” a new EP with 4 tracks recorded at Starr’s Roccabella West studio just as he did for his Zoom In EP released in March 2021, and features frequent and new collaborators, creating songs that span the spectrum of pop, country, reggae and rock and roll.

“I’ve been saying I only want to release EPs at this point and this is the next one. What a blessing it’s been during this year to have a studio here at home and be able to collaborate with so many great musicians, some I’ve worked with before and some new friends,” Ringo said.

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