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Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney release new song “Grow Old With Me”

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Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney release new song “Grow Old With Me”

Ringo Starr organized a Beatles mini-meeting inviting Paul McCartney to a version of John Lennon‘s “Grow Old With Me” on his new album What’s My Name.


“Grow Old With Me” was one of the last songs John Lennon recorded before his death. It appeared on the posthumous 1984 album with Yoko Ono, Milk And Honey.

Ringo Starr talked about the recording:

“I sang the best I could. I perform well when I think of John so deeply. I did my best. We did our best. The other good thing is that I really wanted Paul to play, and he said yes. He came, played bass and sang a little with me. So John is in music somehow. Paul and I are in music. It is not an advertising ploy. It was what I wanted. And the recorded strings have a bit of a George Harrison line in “Here Comes The Sun.” So, in a way, it’s the four of us.”

Hear the song below:

The album will be released on October 25th.

During the process of creating the Beatles anthology, the three members alive at the time considered recording the song, but the idea never went forward. After a conversation with producer Jack Douglas (responsible for Double Fantasy, by John and Yoko Ono), however, Ringo decided to get the project off the ground.

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