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Richie Sambora rehearsed with Bon Jovi and said it was “amazing”

Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora

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Richie Sambora rehearsed with Bon Jovi and said it was “amazing”

Guitarist Richie Sambora revealed in an interview with Billboard that he has rehearsed with Bon Jovi for the performance, with his classical training, at the induction ceremony at Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. The event will take place on June 14 in Cleveland, United States, and will mark Sambora’s first performance with the group since its departure in 2013. Bassist Alec John Such will also perform.


Read what he said:

“We played live to millions of people over 31 years. Do I miss it? No — but the memories are good. It feels great to see everybody. We already rehearsed and it was wonderful, it wasn’t awkward. The chemistry came back very quickly; it’s matrixed into our muscle memory at this point. If you’re on the road performing and touring for 30 years, [the Rock Hall ceremony] is just another cycle — and it’s a good one, so here we go”.

Bon Jovi 80s

He said he tried not to get carried away before announcing the induction into Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame at the end of last year.

“Rumors came a week before the announcement (of which the band would be induced) and I tried not to get excited, because you never know.We were nominated before (in 2011.) I kind of took it out of my mind because we were ignored by the Hall Of Fame until this year, but I realized that one day I would come in. Maybe I was already dead, but I would come in, “he said with a laugh.

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