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Quincy Jones says the Beatles were ‘the worst musicians in the world’

Quincy Jones says the Beatles were 'the worst musicians in the world'

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Quincy Jones says the Beatles were ‘the worst musicians in the world’

Quincy Jones, a businessman and producer with 28 Grammy awards in the curriculum, gave a series of controversial statements in two recent interviews. He is releasing a series on Netflix and a special on CBS. The veteran’s past in the music industry has yielded comments and curious cases.


At age 84, he spoke to the magazine “GQ” and the site Vulture.

Quincy Jones states that:
  • Michael Jackson, who worked extensively with Quincy on his major albums, “stole a lot of songs.”
  • The Beatles were “the worst musicians in the world” and “Paul was the worst bass player I ever heard.”
  • Prince has tried to run Michael Jackson down with a limousine.
  • Elvis Presley “could not sing.”
  • Michael Jackson’s monkey, Bubbles, has already bitten his daughter, actress Rashida Jones.
  • Frank Sinatra tried to get him Quincy to stay with Marilyn Monroe, but he declined because she “had pear-shaped breasts”.
  • When he was 72, Quincy Jones dated Ivanka Trump, daughter of the US president, then 24.
Read what he said:

“I hate to talk about it publicly, but Michael Jackson stole a lot of things.” He stole a lot of songs, “State of Independence” (from Donna Summer) and “Billie Jean.” Music notes do not lie. “Greg Phillinganes (keyboardist) wrote a part, Michael should have given 10% of the song, he did not want to.”

Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones

The Beatles

“[My first impression of the Beatles] was that they were the worst musicians in the world, they were f ** k of the p *** that they did not play, Paul is the worst bass player I’ve ever heard. I remember in the studio with George Martin, Ringo took three hours for a four-bar music, he could not. (Quincy claims that a jazz musician was called and recorded in 15 minutes and then Ringo heard the song ready.) Ringo said : ‘Until it did not get so bad.’ And I said, ‘Of course, son of a bitch, because it’s not you.’ He’s a nice guy, though. ”

The Beatles releases restored videos from Something, Yesterday and more

Crazy nights

“Frank [Sinatra] always tried to get me Marilyn Monroe, but she had breasts that looked like pears, man.”

“(On a show by James Brown with Prince and Michael Jackson as guests.) It was a star-clash that was seen as a triumph for MIchael Jackson and a rare humiliation for Prince. (The reporter asks if they spoke after the show) He waited in the limousine and tried to run over Michael, La Toya, and his mother.

“Tommy Hilfiger, who was working with my daughter Kidada, said, ‘Ivanka wants to have dinner with you.’ I said, ‘No problem.'” She was a cool f ** king. I’ve seen it in my life, wrong dad, though. “(At the time of the alleged encounters, Quincy Jones was 72 years old and Ivanka was 24).

“I was with (trumpeter) Tommy Dorsey when Presley showed up at the age of 17. And Dorsey said, ‘Fod ** – I will not play with him.’ He did not let his band play with him. (The reporter asks if he was right.) Yes, the fi ** p ** did not know how to sing. ”

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