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Queen’s guitarist Brian May mocks Flat Earth believers on Instagram

Brian May Flat Earth

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Queen’s guitarist Brian May mocks Flat Earth believers on Instagram

Queen‘s guitarist Brian May posted on his profile on Instagram mocking the Flat Earth theory. In addition to being a musician, May holds a doctorate in astrophysics.


In the post, the guitarist released an image in which the entire Solar System is presented. The planets are in their known dimensions, in the shape of a sphere, with the exception of the Earth, which is flat.

“Isn’t Nature wonderful ?!! 💥💥💥💥 Please tell me the name of the creator of this masterpiece !”, Brian May said:

Flat Earth

Over the centuries, flat earth theory has always been present in a timid way. Only in 1956 with the foundation of the Flat Earth Society, by the British Samuel Shenton, the idea took shape..

The flat earth group was growing in an insignificant way and was almost dwindling when the internet (and most notably social networks) survived the theory – which today is almost a political flag, anti-intellectual, against the establishment and with a conspiracy tendency.

Basically, flat earth believers consider the Earth’s surface to be flat, that the Earth is stationary (does not move), the Sun and Moon would be smaller and closer than scientists say (and the Sun and Moon would move in their standards).

In addition the Earth would be flattened, a round disk of undefined proportions (the North Pole would be at the center of that disk). Also, the edges of the Earth would be formed by ice – and that would be Antarctica. Furthermore, what we mean by circumnavigation would be just a little tour around the North Pole.

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