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Pete Townshend feels like he is just the guitar player for Roger these days

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Pete Townshend feels like he is just the guitar player for Roger these days

Besides being the band’s guitarist Pete Townshend has always been the band’s main songwriter, the mastermind behind all their classic records. Although the band kept going after losing two important members over the decades, Keith Moon and John Entwistle, Townshend said that he feels like he is just Roger’s guitar player nowadays in the band.


He told Mojo magazine that he didn’t choose any of the band’s touring musicians, including the drummer Zak Starkey (Ringo Starr’s son). He also said that he feels like he is just “filling the shows” of Roger solo band guitarist, everytime he goes on stage to play with The Who.

Pete Townshend feels like he is just the guitar player for Roger these days

“(The Who nowadays) It’s a group of musicians that Roger has chosen. I have not chosen any of the musicians I tour with – not even Zak (Starkey). When Roger brings me onstage I am filling the shoes of a guy called Frank Simes, who Roger tours with solo, and who is a guitar player and musical director.”

“I am happy to do it. Someone reading this will say, ‘Stop fucking complaining, Townshend, and put a band together of people you do want to use.’ But that scares the shit out of me,” Pete Townshend.

The curious thing is that Townshend’s younger brother Simon Townshend has been The Who’s guitarist since 2002.

Besides him, the touring band is nowadays formed by Zak Starkey (Drums), Billy Nicholls (Backing vocals), Loren Gold (Keyboards), Simon Townshend (Guitar), Jon Button (Bass), Keith Levenson (Music coordinator, conductor), Katie Jacoby (Lead violinist), Audrey Q. Snyder (Lead cellist) and Emily Marshall (Keyboards).

The Who has no scheduled tour dates for the rest of 2024 but Townshend said that the band is not over yet. He said that the band could possibly do a farewell tour, playing everywhere in the world and then “crawl off to die”.

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