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Pearl Jam collects 11 million dollars for charity in Seattle concerts

Pearl Jam 2018

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Pearl Jam collects 11 million dollars for charity in Seattle concerts

Last week, Pearl Jam returned to Seattle after five years for two shows at Safeco Field, the historic stadium in the city.


Not only did the group play there – and honored other grunge legends such as Chris Cornell and Andrew Wood – but also set up a small exhibition celebrating their long career.

Well, but now comes the coolest part. According to KOMO News, the band raised more than $ 11 million dollars to help Seattle’s homeless. Of the total profit from presentations, 90% went to organizations hosting these people.

Eddie Vedder 2018

One of them is Mary’s Place, and site director Marty Hartman said:

“That’s what these shows can do. Literally bring more people home, out of those cars, those stalls, off the sidewalk and give them a safe space to be, put them in a house forever.”

Still according to the news portal, more than 80 Seattle restaurants have joined Pearl Jam’s request to donate part of their profits to the institutions.

See the setlist below:
  1. Long Road
  2. Release
  3. Low Light
  4. Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town
  5. Corduroy
  6. Go
  7. Do the Evolution
  8. Mind Your Manners
  9. Throw Your Hatred Down
  10. Lightning Bolt
  11. Given to Fly
  12. All Those Yesterdays
  13. Even Flow
  14. Help!
  15. (The Beatles cover)
  16. Help Help
  17. Black
  18. Setting Forth
  19. I Am a Patriot
  20. Porch
  21. Encore:
  22. We’re Going to Be Friends
  23. (The White Stripes cover) (live debut by PJ)
  24. Nothing as It Seems
  25. Let Me Sleep
  26. Breath
  27. Again Today
  28. State of Love and Trust
  29. Rearviewmirror
  30. Wasted Reprise
  31. Better Man
  32. Comfortably Numb
  33. Alive
  34. I’ve Got a Feeling
  35. Rockin’ in the Free World
  36. Yellow Ledbetter

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