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Paul McCartney about John Lennon: “We were very lucky to find each other”

Paul McCartney about John Lennon We were very lucky to find each other”

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Paul McCartney about John Lennon: “We were very lucky to find each other”

Talking with model Lily Cole to answer questions about his new song for Cole’s Impossible campaign in central London, Paul McCartney stated that him and John Lennon were “very lucky to find each other”.


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In the year of 1957, McCartney then with fifteen years knew John Lennon when watching the show of a called band Quarrymen in Woolton (suburb of Liverpool). This would be the band that would give rise to The Beatles. At first, John’s aunt disapproved of their friendship as McCartney came from the working class. McCartney’s entry to the band came after Lennon saw McCartney play the song “Twenty Flight Rock” by Eddie Cochran.

John Lennon ended up inviting him to join the band. The two began to compose some songs together. In 1958, McCartney convinced Lennon to accept George Harrison in the band. Lennon was reluctant to accept him since Harrison was considered very young. After the entrance of Harrison, Stuart Sutcliffe, friend of the school of arts of John Lennon, entered to the band like bassist.

The Quarrymen changed name several times until they began to be called The Beatles. In 1960, the band toured for the first time in Hamburg. At the time, Jim McCartney was reluctant to let his teenage son, Paul, go to Hamburg. Paul and drummer Pete Best were eventually deported from Germany after starting a small fire where they were staying.

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