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Ozzy says why he won’t play ‘Blizzard of Ozz’ in Full for 40th Anniversary

Ozzy Osbourne

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Ozzy says why he won’t play ‘Blizzard of Ozz’ in Full for 40th Anniversary

Ozzy Osbourne was questioned by Rolling Stones if he was considering to perform his complete 1980 solo debut album “Blizzard Of Ozz” in it’s 40th anniversary in 2020, that will be when his “farewell” tour will end.


Read what he said:

Ozzy Osbourne Black Sabbath

“That was the thing for a while, to play the whole album, but I don’t write albums that way, so no.

“When I make an album, I specifically record songs that I’ll never do on the stage. Like on ‘Blizzard of Ozz,’ there are songs that I wrote never to play live, because the production was too heavy.

Ozzy Osbourne says he is not retiring and will still be playing gigs

“I always do a ballady song, I always like to do a rock song and I like to do what I call album tracks. And I’ll do the ballady songs and the rock songs onstage, but the album tracks are just too over the top. But I suppose I could do one.”

“It’s not a retirement tour; it’s ‘No More Tours.’ I just don’t want to be on the road for the rest of my life. I’m married, and I hardly see my family. I go out one door, and my wife comes in the next. I just don’t want to be that guy.

Ozzy Osbourne

“When I’m on tour, I don’t go out, because I’ll get hassled. I’m not there to sightsee; I’m there to do work. And the best part of it is the gig, but then you’ve got to wait a few days to get that gig.

“I’m blessed that I’m still doing it. I’m blessed that I still have a fanbase. And I’m blessed that I’m still passionate about what I do. Paul McCartney still tours. The Stones still tour. That’s their choice. I don’t want to be on the road all the time.”

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