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Ozzy offers $25K for information about Randy Rhoads stolen equipment

Ozzy Osbourne Randy Rhoads

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Ozzy offers $25K for information about Randy Rhoads stolen equipment

Ozzy Osbourne is offering a $ 25,000 reward for information leading to the Randy Rhoads stolen equipment. The items were in the Musonia School of Music, North Hollywood music school. The place was founded over 70 years ago by Randy’s mother Delores.


Ozzy Osbourne said:

“The items that were stolen, including Randy’s first electric guitar, are irreplaceable to the Rhoads Family. I am heartbroken that these treasured physical memories of Randy and Delores have been taken from the family. So I’ve decided to personally offer a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction and/or return of all stolen items.”

“For information regarding the theft or return of these items please contact: Nick D’Argenzio Phone: 818-281-7893 E-Mail:”

Stolen Randy Rhoads items include:

– Randy Rhoads’ first guitar, a Harmony Rocket Est. 1963;

– Original Randy Rhoads equipment used in Quiet Riot times;

– Rare Marshall amplifier prototype from Randy Rhoads series, given by the Marshall Company to the Rhoads family;

– Delores Rhoads first trumpet from before World War II;

– Fan gifts to the Rhoads family for over 40 years, including memorabilia, photos of Randy Rhoads, Delores Rhoads, Osbourne family and various other instruments.

The musicians sister, Kathy Rhoads-D’Argenzio talked about it, saying:

“My heart is BROKEN. Someone broke into Our beloved Musonia … And ‘Stoled History’. Everything is being assessed and under investigation. So no post as yet to exactly what was taken. I’m just at a loss for words right now. So very sad.”

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