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Noel Gallagher says Oasis was better than Blur and Pulp

Noel Gallagher
Photo by Sharon Latham

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Noel Gallagher says Oasis was better than Blur and Pulp

The Oasis co-founder, guitarist and sometimes singer Noel Gallagher recalled in an interview with Mojo the Brit-Pop scene of the 90s and said that his band was better than groups like Blur, Pulp and Stone Roses.


The two bands mentioned by Gallagher where formed years before Oasis but also achieved a bigger fame by the same time as the band from Manchester. However, the most successful one continues to be Oasis, which is one of the best-selling bands of all time. They have sold an estimated amount of more than 95 million records worldwide.

Noel Gallagher says Oasis was better than Blur and Pulp

“We always had unshakable self-belief in Oasis. Going into the start of 1994 we didn’t have Supersonic, but everything else was already written. Everybody who heard the demos of what would become Definitely Maybe were freaking out, so we just wanted to seize the moment. We’d been talking the talk amongst ourselves for a couple of years and when it came down to it, we were ready. Every minute I spent awake, I just knew it was going to happen.”

Back then, I’d hear Blur or Pulp or Suede on the radio and think – fuck these idiots. But looking back at it now, it was an amazing time for indie music, or whatever you want to call it. But we were ready to take over. We were ready to wipe everybody out.”

“I thought Blur, Pulp, The Stone Roses, The La’s, whoever, they were great people and they had one or two great tunes, but we had twelve. However loud they were, we were louder. However fast they were, we were faster. However good they were, we would trump it. They were all great bands, but we were better. It was as simple as that,” Noel Gallagher said.

Oasis was active from 1991 until 2009 when the band broke-up due to arguments between the brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher. Since then both of them started their own bands and the fans keep asking for a reunion.

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