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Noel Gallagher says he realized he is not very good playing guitar

Noel Gallagher
Photo by Sharon Latham

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Noel Gallagher says he realized he is not very good playing guitar

The Oasis guitarist and main songwriter Noel Gallagher said in an interview with Gibson that he realized recently he is not very good at playing guitar. Last June, his band Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds released their fourth studio album called “Council Skies”, which was produced by Gallagher and Paul Stacey.


Noel Gallagher says he realized he is not very good playing guitar

“I realised that I’m actually not very good at playing the guitar. So one of my first thoughts was, ‘I’m not very good at playing other people’s songs.'”

“From quite early on, I started to do my own thing really. I wouldn’t call it songwriting. I started to do my own thing. All of it sounded like ‘House of the Rising Sun’, with the (chords) in a different order.”

“I was thinking about this today, I was thinking, it was quite an early thought. It’s like, ‘I’m not interested in other people’s songs, because I’m not that good at it. I haven’t got the patience. I’ll do my own. That’ll be easier’. So that was quite an early decision to set off on my own path, really.”

He also recalled that before performing with Oasis he had never played the guitar standing-up

“We were doing one song of mine, which was Columbia, but it was instrumental. We’ve got a gig on Tuesday, and it suddenly dawns on me that I’ve never played guitar standing up.”

“Not only that, I don’t own a fucking strap. This is Sunday night. And I’m skint. Never played guitar standing up. That seems [like a] preposterous fucking notion now. But I can only tell you that the Monday was probably the most stressful fucking day of my entire life,” Noel Gallagher said.

Oasis remained active until 2009 when they decided to broke-up mainly due to the animosity between the two brothers. But they are still one of the best-selling bands of all time with an estimated amount of more than 70 million records sold worldwide. Since then, the fans keep asking for a reunion. But Liam and Noel keep going with their solo careers.

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