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Noel Gallagher brings again his “scissor-musician” in a new presentation on TV

Noel Gallagher brings again his "scissor-musician" in a new presentation on TV

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Noel Gallagher brings again his “scissor-musician” in a new presentation on TV

Last year, musician Noel Gallagher made a lot of people angry with the fact that he had a “scissor-musician” in his support band during a British TV show.


Now, Charlotte Marionneau strikes again by attending once again a Noel performance on television, this time for show host Jimmy Fallon.


Check it out:

He played the track “It’s A Beautiful World,” one of the songs featured on his latest studio album, Who Built The Moon, released last year.

Only this time, the sound of Marionneau’s scissors is really audible, with a microphone capturing perfectly the “instrument” in all its glory. In addition, the artist also makes the speech in French in the middle of the song.

New album

Noel just released a psychedelic new album callaed “Who Built The Moon?”. The album was a work in progress since Chasing Yesterday was being recorded, Noel has stated in interviews that this album was being recorded not only during those sessions but also during the Chasing Yesterday World Tour.

The album was announced on 25 September 2017 through Gallagher’s social media accounts, with the upcoming 2018 UK and Ireland tour. In an interview with Colombian DJ Alejandro Marín, Gallagher revealed that the woman on the album cover is his wife Sara MacDonald.

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