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Mick Jagger recalls when Keith Moon surprised him disguised as Batman

Photos from Raph_PH and Batman's 60's show


Mick Jagger recalls when Keith Moon surprised him disguised as Batman

The Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger recalled in an interview with Howard Stern (Transcribed by Ultimate Classic Rock) when the late The Who drummer Keith Moon surprised him disguised as Batman. Also called by friends “Moon the Loon”, Keith Moon is no only remembered for his music skills but for doing crazy things while on the road with the band.


Mick Jagger recalled when Keith Moon invaded his room disguised as Batman

“Keith was a complete lunatic. I was in Los Angeles in a hotel once and I was asleep, and he broke into my room dressed as Batman. I woke up and there was Batman in front of me, complete with a mask and everything. It’s not quite what you expect in the middle of the night. I think I had a knife, at least; I had some sort of defensive weapon.”

Jagger then said that Keith Moon started to shout when he saw the knife,  saying: “‘It’s Keith! It’s Keith!,’ and I said ‘You’re not Keith (Jagger thought he was saying he was Keith Richards); I can tell you’re not Keith by your voice’. “[He said] ‘No, Keith Moon, Keith Moon!,’ and he took his mask off.”

Keith Moon behavior according to Roger Daltrey

In an interview with Howard Stern back in 2013, Roger Daltrey who was Keith Moon’s bandmate recalled some stories of the drummer, saying: “He was maddening a lot of the time. A lot of the stuff that hed did that people laugh, they think ‘Oh that was really funny’, when you there at the time, some of it wasn’t funny at all. But he was such a wonderful kid, he was such an enormous character. Every facet of his personality was way out there, you know. He was the most loving, the most hurtful, respectful, most caring, it was all completely… like fireworks.”

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