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Michael Schenker says: “My brother is a traitor. I stay away from him”

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Michael Schenker says: “My brother is a traitor. I stay away from him”

Guitarist Michael Schenker, formerly of Scorpions and UFO, gave a controversial interview to the YouTube channel The Metal Voice. The musician criticized his brother, Rudolf Schenker, with whom he played in the early days of Scorpions, and said that the only artist in the band is vocalist Klaus Meine.


The approach to the subject began after the interviewer asked whether Michael Schenker is still upset over the re-release of the 1979 album Lovedrive. Michael, who played the album, had previously said that his name was unfairly deleted from the credit list.

Michael Schenker playing the guitar

Read what he said:

“My brother is a traitor, I stay away from him … I simply can not trust him and I stay away from him as much as I can because he rips me out whenever he can. Klaus Meine is a pure soul, he’s the only artist in the band, he’s carrying all the Scorpions,” the musician said.

Michael Schenker

Michael says that Rudolf is called by their sister of “greedy asshole”. “When they arrived with a ‘Lovedrive’ reissue of 2015, and they presented a completely false list of credits for the album, I was very disappointed. They lied about everything,” he said.

The former UFO said he was responsible for opening the doors of America to the Scorpions. “I had a contract for ‘Lovedrive’ as a sixth member, I should have a picture of me there, I should mention that I did the introduction of ‘Holiday’ and the song ‘Coast To Coast’, whose credits I gave to Rudolf. Rudolf Schenker is a desperate ‘wannabe’ who imitates his brother Rudolf Schenker is a desperate wannabe who imitates his brother can’t play guitar, believe me,” he said.

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