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Michael Schenker explains how he kept the passion for guitar after so many years

Michael Schenker playing the guitar

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Michael Schenker explains how he kept the passion for guitar after so many years

Legendary guitarist Michael Schenker talked with Full Metal Jackie and explained how he manages to keep the guitar still new and exciting.


Read what he said:

“First of all – I don’t copy, I don’t listen, I don’t get over-exposed. I don’t get worn out and I take it all from the infinite well from within.

“So the focus on being fascinated with a single string, first of all. It’s the focus on lead guitar playing with beautiful expression. The art of lead guitar with pure self-expression because if you’re a trend maker or a trend follower, you are actually operating from a world within.

Michael Schenker

“It’s like a kaleidoscope. It’s never-ending. It’s like a tropical ocean, there’s always another fish that looks different. It’s like that in the inner world.

“A trend once out gets over consumed and gets out and stagnant and dies. But the spirit within, if you go to that world where the energy – the infinite energy comes from and creativity – it’s a very different world.

“So, it keeps everything – you always come up with new sprinkles because it’s endless. And if you’ve done it for as long as I’ve been doing it, not listening to music for 43 years and copying anybody then the more you draw from that inner world, the more you become it and the more it is impossible to actually slip into the external world and become a recycler.”

The guitarist released a new album called “Resurrection” on March 2.

See the new track below:

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