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Michael Anthony says he is ‘Not Allowed’ to talk about Van Halen Reunion

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Michael Anthony says he is ‘Not Allowed’ to talk about Van Halen Reunion

The famous journalist Mitch Lafon reported that bassist Michael Anthony has given an statement to a friend that could give the fans an idea that he could be on the Van Halen reunion show.


He said:

“According to my buddy at NAMM – Michael Anthony just stated the following: ‘Right now, I cannot talk either for or against a VH reunion. I’m just not allowed.’ I caution – I was not there and did not hear this myself, but this is how it was relayed to me.”

On Monday, veteran Chicago radio presenter Mancow Muller said on WLS radio that his sources say Van Halen will meet for a concert at Wrigley Field on July 25.

He added another source to previous information from Eddie Trunk. Essentially, Van Halen’s 1984 line-up is gathering for a show at Wrigley Field in Chicago that will have a special guest. The space was reserved on January 3.

Eddie Trunk also had previously commented about this concert, that would the first from the band:

In Eddie Trunk’s radio show, a source revealed that Van Halen will perform in Chicago at Wrigley Field on July 27.

Legendary singer David Lee Roth has previously said he knows of concerts at Fenway Park in Boston and at Yankee Stadium in New York.

“There’s a guy who works at Live Nation who told my brother Van Halen booked a date at Wrigley Field on July 27,” the source revealed.

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