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Michael Anthony comments Alex Van Halen’s gear auction

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Michael Anthony comments Alex Van Halen’s gear auction

The classic Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony, who has been playing with the band’s ex-vocalist Sammy Hagar for a few decades, talked in an interview with Ultimate Guitar about the drummer Alex Van Halen, who recently announced he is auctioning his gear.


The bass player said that it seems that Alex will auction everything he has and that it might be really the end of the possibility of reunion to pay tribute to the late Eddie Van Halen who passed away in 2020 at the age of 65

Michael Anthony said about Alex Van Halen’s gear auctiona

“I haven’t spoken to Alex in a while, probably about a year. And I actually texted him on his birthday this month (Last May), and I didn’t hear anything back from him.”

“But yeah, I was pretty surprised when I heard about this auction that he’s going to be holding in the beginning of June. Somebody had sent me the link to it. It appears like he’s selling everything right down to his last drumstick. So, I don’t know. I really couldn’t tell you.”

“I know that he continues to grieve today over Eddie’s passing. And basically, Eddie was the only person that he actually ever played music with.”

He continued:

“I never really knew Alex to be a person to go out and jam with other people or other bands. Unless Eddie was a part of it. Maybe he feels that… Since his brother’s gone, he doesn’t feel the desire to go out and play anymore. But I can only speculate. When I found out about this auction and started checking it out, it is pretty sad. Because it truly means that it’s the end of anything that that could have been as far as tribute-wise, you know?” Michael Anthony said.

Meanwhile, Michael Anthony is touring with Sammy Hagar playing many songs from their Van Halen era alongside the drummer Jason Bonham and guitarist Joe Satriani.
Besides the auction, Alex Van Halen announced that he will release a book called “Brothers”, which will tell the story of him and his brother.

Alex Van Halen auction items

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