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Metallica donates $ 750,000 to fight fires in Australia

Metallica Australia fire

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Metallica donates $ 750,000 to fight fires in Australia

Metallica announced on their official website the donation of 750,000 Australian dollars to help with the firefighting that has affected Australia.


Metallica said about the fire in Australia:

“We are totally overwhelmed by the news of the wildfires sweeping through millions of acres across Australia. With major impact in New South Wales and Victoria. The resulting destruction and devastating effects on all residents, animals, the environment. And the incredible land in Australia is truly heartbreaking.”

“Please join us and do whatever you can to assist. As we, along with our foundation All Within My Hands, are pledging A$750,000 to the NSW Rural Fire Service. and to the Country Fire Authority in Victoria to aid in the relief efforts.”

“NSW RFS is the world’s largest volunteer firefighting organization. All funds donated during this State of Emergency are directed toward services. Related to and victims of these particularly destructive Australian bushfires.”

“CFA (Country Fire Authority) is a volunteer and community-based fire and emergency services organization. Which helps to protect 3.3 million Victorians. And works together with communities to keep Victorians safe from fire and other emergencies.”

Australian fire

73.000 square kilometers of land has been destroyed in Australia since September 2019. It destroyed more than 2,000 homes. Estimates say that at least 25 people lost their lives and one billion Animals. The koalas, symbols of the country, a third of it’s population in New South Wales would have been decimated.

In addition to Metallica, names like pop singer Pink have also spoken. They also donated significant amounts to help with the country’s firefighting.

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