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Metallica donates $75.000 to support Texas Winter Storm victms

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Metallica donates $75.000 to support Texas Winter Storm victms

Thrash Metal band Metallica donated $75.000 to Feeding America in support Texas Winter Storm victms through their non-profit foundation All Within My Hands. The donation will ensure that food banks in the communities affected will have access to the food they need.


Metallica said in an statement about the donation:

Texans running low on food are finding empty grocery store shelves. Food pantries are running out of supplies. #AWMH has donated $75k to @FeedingAmerica
for Texas food banks. To give to @FeedingTexas ’ Crisis Relief Fund, visit. #MetallicaGivesBack.

What is All Within My Hands

“Founded in 2017, All Within My Hands Foundation is dedicated to creating sustainable communities by supporting workforce education. The fight against hunger, and other critical local services.”

“Feeding America is AWMH’s primary partner when it comes to combating hunger. While we defer to their numbers in many cases, we remind you that this is an average and a dollar can be stretched further in different parts of the country. In general, for our donations $1.00 = 3 meals. So that translates to 30,000 meals per show.”

“AWMH supports workforce education through the Metallica Scholars initiative. Which we established in 2019 with 10 schools and expanded in 2020 to 15 schools. When it comes to education and the needs of the Metallica Scholars grant recipients, the dollar to impact ratio is less straight forward.”

“Schools are selected through a competitive application process and are given $100,000 each to use in the manner in which they find most beneficial for their programs. That being said, through our partners at the American Association of Community Colleges, we make sure funds are being used appropriately in line with our initiative.”

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