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Manager says Motley Crue ripped off “Dr. Feelgood” from Guns N’ Roses

Duff McKagan, Nikki Sixx and Slash

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Manager says Motley Crue ripped off “Dr. Feelgood” from Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Roses former manager Doug Goldstein claimed on Guns N’ Roses Podcast that Motley Crue stole their hit “Dr. Feelgood” from Guns N’ Roses.


Read what he said:

“‘Dr. Feelgood,’ the Motley Crue song, that’s a Guns N’ Roses song. Slash and Duff [McKagan] wrote that riff. They wrote it down in Redondo Beach, when I was with them.

Guns N Roses with Steven Adler

“[Guns N’ Roses] were rehearsing, and Steven [Adler] would come down once a week, and Duff would come down five days a week, and they were jamming and they came up with that riff.

“Nikki [Sixx] is famous for taking a recorder to a club and stealing songs from bands, [they got it] because they recorded the recorded before we did.”

Motley crue 80s

When asked if the band cared about the ripoff, Goldstein replied:

“Slash did drugs with him, eh. They’re friends. I never pushed it, I brought it up, ‘Guys, hello, it’s that song.’ ‘Oh it’s Nikki, don’t worry about it.'”

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