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Man mimics Freddie Mercury in Live Aid on the roof with a broom

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Man mimics Freddie Mercury in Live Aid on the roof with a broom

During quarentine to help contain the spread of the Covid-19, a Freddie Mercury fan went to his house roof to mimic the singer. He simulated the musician presentation with Queen during 1985’s Live Aid.


Standing on his roof and using a broom as a microphone, the unidentified man synchronized his lips with Freddie’s iconic “day-oh” sequence during the Queen show and entertained the neighbors.

Watch Man mimics Freddie Mercury in Live Aid on the roof with a broom:

Live Aid

The historic event was held in 1985 to fight hunger in Ethiopia that had Queen, U2, Dire Straits, Sting, Elton John, Led Zeppelin (reunited), Black Sabbath (reunited) and others musicians. The concerts happened in England and in the United States. Bringing together more than 180 thousand people and transmitted, via satellite, to almost 2 billion viewers in 100 countries.


Since the the pandemic appeared, only 3 months ago, more than 100.000 people died due to the Coronavirus. Also, the United States is the country most affected by the virus until now. The country already registred more than 545.000 cases. Many bands like MetallicaIron Maiden and Kiss postponed their tour dates.

Dozens of tours were postponed to to guarantee the safety of fans. Since agglomerations are currently being banned in many countries and also to guarantee the safety of musicians. Who are in the risk group. Kiss, for example, canceled meet and greets with fans. Shortly afterwards postponed the last three shows of the current part of their tour.

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