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Lita Ford talks about how groupies behaved in the 80s

Lita Ford groupies

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Lita Ford talks about how groupies behaved in the 80s

In an interview with Guitar World, Winger and Whitesnake guitarist Reb Beach, Lita Ford and Def Leppard’s guitarist Phil Collen talked about the 80s scene and all the drugs and sex on the backstage with groupies.


Beach said:

“Things were crazy. There was drinking and partying. Naked girls were everywhere.

“I remember there was this girl in a bathroom stall giving blowjobs. Word got out to the band and crew, and there was this line of guys waiting to get a blowjob. That kind of thing happened all the time.

“I remember L.A. Guns had orgies when they toured. You’d go on their bus and everybody would be naked. People were having sex right and left. It was very… inspiring. [Laughs]”

Ford said:

“I used to see Poison pulling girls out of the audience, and they’d have so many girls backstage. They were like freaking cattle!

“Girls were ripping their clothes off and throwing themselves at these guys. There was sex everywhere. I mean, I got it, but it did get a little too much. I just wanted to say to the girls, ‘Don’t act so stupid.'”

Collen commented:

“On our [1983’s] ‘Pyromania’ tour, which was our first tour, you’d have these really weird situations with women throwing themselves at you.

“But by the time of [1987’s] ‘Hysteria,’ we dug in a little deeper and it became more about, you know, substance than substance abuse.”

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