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Liam Gallagher say he was drunk that he never made peace with Noel

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Liam Gallagher say he was drunk that he never made peace with Noel

Last year, many people were surprised when Liam Gallagher said he had made peace with his brother, Noel.


In December, the singer even sent a “happy Christmas” to his brother and also commented that the two “were well again” through his Twitter. But in the end, that was never true.

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In a new interview for NME, Liam was frank about the alleged reconciliation.

Read what he said:

“It was Christmas and my mother was filling me up. I had drunk a little and I ended up publishing that, I was drunk”.

Then the musician was asked about a possible Oasis meeting, a real soap opera that has been going on for years. Liam said he would be willing to meet with his brother under “the right circumstances,” but that he did not think he had to apologize for anything. “He who decided to end the band,” he commented.

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When the interviewer asked what should happen to make the reunion possible, the singer explained that he needed to “sit and talk” with Noel, noting that “band dynamics” changed when As You Were, his solo album released last year, has become a great sales success.

I have a little [of influence]. It would have to be something we both agreed on. […] I would abandon everything if it happened under the right conditions. This should never revolve around – yes, you composed the songs, but you live a different lifestyle from the rest of the band. This is a recipe for disaster. It ends up in your head.

See the full interview below:

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