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Kurt Cobain’s daughter turns 27 and celebrates life

Frances Bean Cobain 2019

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Kurt Cobain’s daughter turns 27 and celebrates life

Frances Bean Cobain celebrated 27 years of age and shared a beautiful text on Instagram. The daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love posted photos of her in a desert environment celebrating life.


Kurt Cobain had 27 when he took his own life, dying at the same age as many other rockstars like Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin.

She said:

“7 so far, has been beautiful. I love the process of aging because the older I get the more aware of who I want to be in the world, I become.”

My wish for this year is:
•To live in accordance with the example of myself that I project into the world. •
•To use my platform for the benefit of other people, without expecting anything in return.• To release the idea that I will ever have control over anything, except for who I choose to be. • To create within myself an environment of unconditional loving awareness & compassion. •
•To make art that’s an authentic representation of my one, weird perspective.
Pretty Simple. Haha. •
Thank you for the birthday wishes. They fill my heart. This life is a good one. I am happy to be here”

In the comments, mother Courtney left a very peculiar message for her daughter: “Good night, little witch… a transcendent happy birthday… speak up, purple Pomeranian teddy bear… all the planets aligned… you know how much you are loved.”

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