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Klaus Meine says Scorpions was wrong when they announced retirement

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Klaus Meine says Scorpions was wrong when they announced retirement

The Scorpions are not willing to stop. In a recent interview with journalist Eddie Trunk (transcript via Blabbermouth), vocalist Klaus Meine reaffirmed the German band’s desire to stay on the road, even after announcing their retirement in 2010.


Read what he said (Via Blabbermouth):

To be honest, every other year, you take a look around the corner: ‘Can we do this?’ ‘Can we still deliver on the same high level, the way we used to do it?'” he admitted. “And that’s the only way, and it’s only fun if you can go out there and play a great rock show, wherever you do it. Like in the last couple of weeks, we had so much fun.”

“But then you get sick on the road, like I did last year with the severe laryngitis. What can you do? There’s not a chance. And then sometimes, of course, you ask yourself, ‘How long can we do this?’ Especially for singers — and I know I’m not the only one. But it’s always, sometimes you ask yourself, ‘Klaus, c’mon, how long can you keep up this level?’ And then you go out there, everything feels good.”

Scorpions 2018 -

“With Mikkey Dee [formerly of MOTÖRHEAD], we have a new drummer in the band since 2016 who gives us also a whole new shot of fresh energy. And it’s such a great show and it feels so good. And then, if you ask me, it goes like, ‘Okay, let’s do it.’ And then you’re making plans for next year, and all of a sudden you’re thinking about 2020. And you go, ‘Cmon! What? 2020?’ But, to be honest, to tell the truth, when you’re so used to it, for so many years, all those decades, to handle it any other way would feel wrong right now.”

About 2010’s retirement announcement, he said:

“Of course, we had our moment of doubt when we said, ‘Okay. Maybe we should retire. Maybe this is a good moment.’ And then we realized we were wrong, because there’s still a lot of sting in the tail, so to speak, and it still feels good. There’s such a demand for the SCORPIONS, and we’re one of the few bands who play this global stage.”

“If there wasn’t this kind of demand, of course, there’s no point after so many years, and you’d better go, ‘Well, I go home and take it easy.’ But there’s such a strong demand and that really feels good and challenging — it’s a challenge. Of course, you don’t do it for the business. It’s a good business, yes, but you don’t do it for the business and for the money — you do it for the fun, you do it for what’s inside of you, what’s in your blood, what’s in your veins, and that’s the rock and roll music. And you wanna go out and play in front of an audience, because that’s what it’s all about.”

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