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KK Downing says the only member that talked to him after he left Judas was Scott Travis

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KK Downing says the only member that talked to him after he left Judas was Scott Travis

Former legendary Judas Priest guitarist K.K Downing it’s not happy for not being invited back for Judas Priest after Glenn Tipton was forced to “retire” (he still plays some songs in some shows) due to Parkinson’s disease. And he continues to make bad comments about his ex-bandmates. Now, he said that the only member that contacted him after he quit the band was the drummer Scott Travis. He was asked by Metal Podcast if he was surprised of hearing from Scott.


Read what he said:

“No, not really. I was surprised that the other guys didn’t [get in touch]. But Scott did acknowledge [my departure] and wished me well and said some nice things, and that was good.”

He added he thought he was friends with all the other members of the group before his departure, singling out bassist Ian Hill the one he’s “particularly” disappointed in.

“We went to the infant school, junior school, secondary school… Ian was just like a brother [to me]. And that’s why I was kind of shocked, really, that certain announcements were made just that far left that came from Ian. And the relationship just soured in general. I don’t know what prompted that, really; I really don’t.

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“Rob [Halford], Ian and Scott knew that I was suffering [toward the end of my tenure with Priest], and we all were – it really was getting to be hard work; the rigors of touring and recording and playing shows weren’t enjoyable so much for me.

“But people do things different ways, and I just felt that we just weren’t… I knew we were all getting older, but that’s when we have to try harder, I think, and I didn’t really see that.

“I felt that I was trying as much as I possibly could to do what I’ve always done before… It’s probably just one of those things – people getting older, slowing down, Glenn [Tipton] liking to drink beer before [the show] and on stage, and everything slowed down -the performance slowed down.

“And it wasn’t really as tight musically as it could have been. I was just getting a bit nervy, really, going out there every night.”

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