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Kiss says tells fans to pretend that everyone is a zombie in order to stay at home

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Kiss says tells fans to pretend that everyone is a zombie in order to stay at home

KISS was another band that had to cancel appointments due to the new coronavirus pandemic. Since January 2019, the band has been traveling and touring the world with the End of the Road World Tour. The tour, which began with a concert in Canada, is scheduled to register its grand finale in New York, in July 2021.


They had been forced to cancel shows in Australia in mid-2019, due to the health problems of guitarist Paul Stanley. However, this time, the coronavirus was the one who made them postpone presentations.

So far, the three North American concerts, which would take place in March in Louisiana, Mississippi and Oklahoma, USA, have been canceled.

From home, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, of Kiss talked about the quarantine “imposed” by the pandemic to Rolling Stone.

Gene Simmons said:

“I would like to wish everyone good health and remind them that ‘the only way is the lonely way.’ Just like your favorite TV show, you can assume everybody out there is a zombie, and one contact will turn you into a zombie.”

Simmons added, “Stop hanging out with everybody. Stay at home, if you can. This too shall pass, but it will take a long time. It could last months and months. So get used to FaceTime, binge-watch your favorite shows, workout at home. And stay away from everybody else.”

Paul Stanley said:

“Be as safe as you can for your sake and the sake of everyone around you. This isn’t a time to be casual or make unqualified judgements. There’s far more to this than simply looking at recovery or mortality percentages. We’ll get through this.”

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