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Kerry King explains why he doesn’t like the new Iron Maiden songs

Kerry King

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Kerry King explains why he doesn’t like the new Iron Maiden songs

The Slayer co-founder and guitarist Kerry King is currently promoting the first album of his solo band called “From Hell I Rise”. To promote the album he is talking a lot with the press and King really has no problem in saying what he really thinks about other groups. So in an interview with “RIFFX” (Transcribed by Ultimate Guitar), the musician explained why he doesn’t like the new Iron Maiden songs.


He also praised the new Judas Priest songs he heard and said that he will listen to their complete new album “Invincible Shield” released in 2024.

Kerry King explains why he doesn’t like the new Iron Maiden songs

“Haven’t heard Bruce’s new album, but I have a friend who told me it’s better than Maiden. Wouldn’t surprise me — nothing against Maiden, (but) their songs have gotten so long, man. I just can’t be bothered with it. And my attention span isn’t that much,” Kerry King said.

The musician then talked about the new Judas Priest songs from their most recent record “Invincible Shield”. Although he still hasn’t heard the entire album, the musician said he really liked the track “The Serpent and The King”.

“I haven’t heard the entirety of Priest’s new album. But I heard a handful of songs on satellite radio. Some are you know, typical. I heard one that stood out. ‘The Serpent and the King.'”

“That’s really cool; it sounds like a progression of what Priest (does). I enjoyed that one. I haven’t heard the whole album, but I definitely will. Actually, I’m going to be playing with Priest in a couple of weeks,” Kerry King said.

Besides an extensive tour with his own band, Kerry King will also perform with Slayer on a few festival dates this year since the band announced a small reunion. The drummer Paul Bostaph, who was the final Slayer drummer is also a member of King’s solo group.

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