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Judas Priest talks about plans to retire from music

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Judas Priest talks about plans to retire from music

Judas Priest recently talked about the wave of bands announcing their retirement and were asked if they had plans to retire too.


Read what Rob Halford told Metal Hammer:

“I cannot conceive of us ever saying, ‘In 2022, at 3 o’clock, on a Wednesday afternoon, July, we’re gonna end.’

“I think more than ever now, we’re so joyed and grateful that we’ve been able to get this far from the support of our fans that you don’t say a farewell tour, you don’t say retire

Watch Judas Priest's official video for Lightning Strike

“I think slowly but surely we’ll just play less and less and less, but I can’t see that for the foreseeable future.

“You’ve got to go where your fans want you. You can arrange the touring in a different way, but you can’t just got to A, then to C, and miss B out, because those people have supported you for 30/40 years.

Rob Halford and Glenn Tipton

“You try to explain to them that you’re not coming to B so they have to travel a thousand miles to A or C. We can’t be that as a band, as people. So we’re just going to keep going and going and the end will come when it chooses to show its face.”

In another interview with the Long Island Pulse, guitarist Ritchie Faulkner was questioned if the band would continue after the new album “Firepower”.

Richie Faulkner judas priest

Read what he said:

“There has been no discussion yet. I think the focus is dealing with the challenges that we’ve got at the moment, and getting out on the road with the ‘Firepower’ record. And doing what we do best: playing live for our fans around the world.

“Anything beyond that is a discussion that still needs to take place. The focus is very much on now, the tour and the record.

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