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Judas Priest releases new song “Trial By Fire”

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Judas Priest releases new song “Trial By Fire”

Judas Priest released “Trial By Fire”, the second single of their upcoming studio album “Invincible Shield” which will be out next March. The already announced many European and North American tour dates for 2024 to promote the album.


Their current line-up has Rob Halford (Vocals), Ian Hill (Bass), Glen Titpton (Guitar – Studio and ocasionally playing live), Richie Faulkner (Guitar), Scott Travis (Drums) and Andy Sneap (Guitar – Touring).

Hear the new Judas Priest song “Trial By Fire”:


“Shot down in cold blood
Didn’t know my name
No-one understood
So I took the blame
Where I left my mark
When the system fell
You were in my grasp
Hid behind your veil

Bound and abused
Branded a liar
I have endured
Trial by fire

Hang me out to dry
I broke every rule
Fell right in your trap
Played me for a fool
Catch you safe and sound
Tried to make you mine
Took this holy vow
Then you crossed the line

Bound and abused
Branded a liar
Falsely accused
Trial by fire

Committed no crime
In my innocence
I have endured trial by fire
Life is so cruel and unbearable
Can’t let you get in my way
What i need now is a miracle
To get through the end of each day

Burden of guilt
Branded a liar
whipped and abused
Trial by fire

Committed no crime
In my innocence
I have endured trial by fire”

Their last album was “Firepower” released in 2018 and “Invincible Shield” will be their 19th studio record. It was produced once again by Andy Sneap, who became their touring guitarist after Tipton’s forced retirement due to Parkinson’s disease.

The band’s most recent concert happened last October at the Power Trip festival in Indio, California, opening for AC/DC. That festival also had Metallica, Tool, Iron Maiden and Guns N’ Roses. Originally it was Ozzy Osbourne who would perform before AC/DC but since he couldn’t because of health problems Judas Priest was invited to substitute him.

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