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Josh Homme says Jim Morrison “was not a good singer”

Jim Morrison and Josh Homme

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Josh Homme says Jim Morrison “was not a good singer”

After a recent controversy, musician Josh Homme has been relatively far from the spotlight for some time. However, the musician seems to be back with some very strong opinions.


In a new interview with Adam Buxton, transcribed by Ultimate Guitar, the musician spoke a bit about The Doors. The curious thing is that, although he says he likes the band a lot, Homme said he did not think Jim Morrison was a good singer.

Read what he said:

Josh Homme shame

“I really like The Doors because they would not exist again, it’s as if they were a mistake. A guitarist, a jazz drummer, an organist-type, what’s this? A silent movie?”

“And then they have a guy [Jim Morrison] who is really a poet. Your lyrics are awesome, but he’s cute so let’s put that aside. However, he does not sing very well.”

In his defense, Homme said that ‘imperfection’ is something he enjoys a lot in music:

Jim Morrison

“I like this humanity, I like mistakes. Perfection is something you seek, not something you really expect it to achieve – this is crazy.”

“As we can observe in modern music’s ability to fix everything, when you do everything perfect, there is no friction. The universe was created by friction, sex is about friction, so let’s continue with this!”

Hear the full interview below:

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