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John Oates says he only wishes Daryl Hall the best

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John Oates says he only wishes Daryl Hall the best

After reuniting and touring around the world during the last few years, the duo Daryl Hall and John Oates came officially to an end. Last November 2023, the feud between them was revealed when Hall filed a lawsuit and obtained a temporary restraining order against Oates. It was an attempt to block Oates from selling his share in their joint venture.


As Hall said, by doing that Oates would violate their business agreement and said it was the “ultimate business betrayal”. Now in an interview with Rolling Stone, Oates said that the duo is over and that Hall will say the same if asked.

In an interview with “Good Morning America,” John Oates said that he only wishes Hall the best. The musician said that he hopes that Daryl now can pursue his goal of being a respected solo artist, which is something Oates said that his ex-bandmate always wanted.

When asked if there was something he would like to say to Hall at this moment, Oates said: “I love you like a brother. But you know what? Brothers have disagreements, families grow apart. (I) would say, I wish him the best.”

“I hope that he has everything he wants in life. That he can pursue his dream of being a respected solo artist. I believe is something that he’s always wanted,” John Oates said.

He said he doubts they will ever reunite again

In the same conversation, the musician said that over the past 20 years, they would show up at the shows individually, play together but then go our separate ways. He also said that he doubts that the duo will ever reunite again.

“I doubt it (we will reunite again), I’d never say never to anything, But I doubt it. I think Daryl and I have moved beyond it, I really do. The future of Hall & Oates is in its past. We have a body of work that is so big and so deep and it’s never even been tapped. To be honest with you, because the hits overshadow (the other songs). We’ve had the big hits, which is great, believe me. I’m very appreciative of it. But those big hits overshadow the body of work that we’ve done,” John Oates said.

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