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Joe Perry talks about the possibility of a new Aerosmith album

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Joe Perry talks about the possibility of a new Aerosmith album

The most recent Aerosmith album “Music From Another Dimension” was released in 2012 and since then the fans are always asking for a new record. In an interview with Classic Rock, the band’s guitarist Joe Perry said that he doesn’t know if they will make a new album, because right now they want to tour as much as they can.


Joe Perry talks about the possibility of a new Aerosmith album

“Not right at the moment (I would do another solo record). I just don’t see the time for it. I would put everything I have into doing another Aerosmith album, if that’s even on the cards.” He was then asked about a new album from the band and he said: “I don’t know. At this point, I want to tour as much as we can. I want to get out and play to the fans.”

“That’s really the focus right now, to get out and play live. If we get time to work on some new music, that would be great, but knowing (Steven Tyler) and knowing our age and what it takes to do an album… I don’t know. I’m always playing, I’m always writing stuff, but at this stage, I can’t say. I just want to get through this next tour and play live and give something back to the fans.”

“We’ve never been the kind of band that you can sit back and go, ‘Well, this is what the next three years are gonna be like, this is what our next five years are going to be like.’ Especially now, at our age. The air is getting thin up here, man. So many people are passing on into the next step, so to speak,” Joe Perry said.

The band will start their farewell tour next September across the United States and Canada. The band has scheduled tour dates until January, 2024 and after that new shows might be announced around the world. In the scheduled dates they will have The Black Crowes as their opening act.

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