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Joe Perry recalls meeting with Kurt Cobain

Joe Perry

Classic Rock

Joe Perry recalls meeting with Kurt Cobain

The Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry recalled in an interview with Classic Rock when he had the chance to meet the late Nirvana vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Kurt Cobain in the 90s. The musician said that Cobain was a huge fan of Aerosmith just like The Foo Fighters members also are.


Joe Perry recalls meeting with Kurt Cobain

“He was pretty quiet, just wanted to hang out. He came in the dressing room with Courtney (Love). Kind of just sat around with us, he was a normal guy. When he went off to the bathroom, Courtney – who was very verbal – said: “He loves you guys. He doesn’t like anybody, but he loves you guys.” I had nothing but respect for the guy. He was an amazing songwriter and performer, and to hear that was great.”

Joe Perry continued recalling when he went to watch The Foo Fighters a few years ago and he was invited backstage and he saw the band playing many Aerosmith songs.

“They (Foo Fighters) have all the instruments set up so they can go in and jam and they knew every Aerosmith song cold. I couldn’t believe it, I was embarrassed. They were playing songs that I hadn’t played in thirty years. There was no bullshit, they were fans, but being able to play some of those songs and know those riffs off the top of their heads, it was like: “Holy shit!” Joe Perry said.

Kurt Cobain tragically died in 1994 at the age of 27 and the band’s drummer Dave Grohl decided to form his own band aftewards, that would become Foo Fighters. Since 1995, the band released 11 studio albums and are regarded as one of the few bands that still carry the Rock and Roll torch.

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