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Jimmy Page recalls playing a concert at a women’s prison

Jimmy Page with Neil Christian

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Jimmy Page recalls playing a concert at a women’s prison

The legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist and producer Jimmy Page started his career at a young age, becoming a really respected session guitarist in London. But he also was part of a few bands like Neil Christian and The Crusaders.


In a post shared on his social media, the musician recalled the incredible experience he had when he went with the band, when he was still a teenager, to perform at a women’s prison.

Jimmy Page recalls playing a concert at a women’s prison

“I once played Holloway women’s prison with Neil Christian and the Crusaders. When we went on stage in the hall, all the inmates were seated. I remember they were wearing faded flower print dresses.”

“Some of them had used burnt matches to do their eyeliner, because they weren’t allowed to have proper make-up. We did our show and there was lots of cheering and whistling – Neil Christian was a really good-looking guy.”

“When we’d finished our set we went to the warden’s office. She said how nice the concert had been but we could hear this terrible racket – the prisoners were back in their cells banging tin cups against the bars and shouting. It was still going on when we left. Doing things like that while I was a teenager was fun! It’s not quite Johnny Cash at San Quentin, but it was still pretty cool,” Jimmy Page said.

Page wasn’t the only legendary musician who worked with Neil Christian. He also had other famous session guitarists like Ritchie Blackmore, Nicky Hopkins, Albert Lee and Mick Abrahams.

Although he worked with many incredible musicians in the beginning of their careers, Christian remained as a “one-hit wonder”. He had one hit single called “That’s Nice”, released in 1966. It reached number 14 on the United Kingdom singles chart at the time.

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