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Jimmy Page and Robbie Williams are fighting due to a house reform

Jimmy Page and Robbie Williams

Classic Rock

Jimmy Page and Robbie Williams are fighting due to a house reform

Believe it or not, Jimmy Page and Robbie Williams are practically enemies.


But it has nothing to do with music. In fact, the two are in the midst of a long-running dispute over a reform project at the home of Williams, who is Page’s neighbor in London.

It all started more than four years ago, when Williams bought Woodland House in 2013 for more than $ 85 million – yes, his house has a name.

Jimmy Page sun glass

Since the acquisition, Williams has been planning to build a gym and an underground pool on the grounds. However, Page fears the project will damage Tower House – yes, his house also has a name.

According to Page, the vibrations of the work could cause damage to the ground and possibly reach its residence.

Read what he said:

“My house was designed by William Burges, one of the greatest architects of the 19th century,” the guitarist told a local committee. He also revealed that to minimize these vibrations, he don’t play electric guitar in the house, only acoustic guitar.

“Just as Williams’s own house contains fragile, original and irreplaceable materials. I’m here begging you to take the necessary steps to protect the Tower House from the threat it is suffering,” he added.

Watch full Jimmy Page lecture on Oxford Union

After leaving a meeting on the subject recently, Jimmy Page said he was “very happy” with the result. “The board showed a lot of consideration for Tower House,” he commented. “There are many things they said were very encouraging.”

In a letter to the council, Robbie Williams said that “I recognize the sensitivity of nearby properties and the concerns of neighbors.” So far, no decision has been taken officially.

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